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Digital Fundraising

Mailers, billboards, leaflets, and door-to-doors are viable options for large organizations, but they can prove to be expensive in the grand scheme of things.

For smaller organizations seeking to fund their priorities and help others digital advocacy and fundraising go beyond the next best thing in fundraising and strategic communications. Even major organizations have had to recognize the potential of email, social media, and website content for the cause.

Below is a sample of several organizations that I have had the pleasure of assisting over the years - if you believe that I can help grow your organization's digital presence, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Fundraising gone viral

COVID and the challenge of the great digital shift

As many organizations became painfully aware at the start of 2020, COVID-19 represented a major stalling point in priorities, with fundraising falling into a difficult yet critical point to sustain activity.

For CASA LA, it became a major challenge in their support for children in foster care. To help, I created a series of digital fundraising emails and content pieces to help keep up with the loss of their physical fundraising activities. The result was a successful series of emails that generated astounding value for the organization!

Every dollar counts

In digital fundraising, it's important to show that those dollars go towards the cause in measurable, meaningful ways. 

For the Parkinsons' Association of the Rockies, I aided with the creation of annual appeal letters and emails that emphasized the success of the organization throughout the last year and listed what, specifically, those donations and funds would go to!


Short lines, big impact


It's important to highlight your successes, but it is equally important to avoid flooding your user with content - they know your passion, but it can seem overbearing and difficult to focus!

For the JEQuansah Foundation, I helped to streamline their successes into shorter, more readable chunks, and provided them with the content to help the amazing founders and their unique cause shine. 

Please AND thank you

Your donor's progress through the funnel doesn't fall off at the donation. 

After they support your cause, it's important to show them how much they are appreciated - and what their future donations may be able to do should they choose to support your cause again.

Digital or physical, near or far, small or large, each donation counts. Be sure to follow up with a friendly reminder of what they've done to support the cause!

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