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Projects and Proposals 

I've had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects for game-changing projects and devoted non-profits. Below is a sample of some of them.

How do you combine over 150 websites into just one?

Thrive Pet Healthcare isn't just the next step of veterinary management - its a company of talented veterinary clinics, each with their own specialty, practice, community, culture, and most importantly, website!

Starting from scratch, it was up to me to manage the design, direction, data collection, and integration of the new Thrive digital presence. Utilizing the next-generation headless CMS, Contentful, I created a new website that emphasized the benefits of the Thrive network of veterinary clinics while keeping the heart and culture of each clinic alive.


Tagging, taxonomy, and other technical needs - creating a simple support network with room to breathe.

Merative, LLC was just coming into its own as an acquisition wound down. But an acquisition can't mean entirely new content - to maintain SEO and user experience, old content must be renewed and improved!

Following the creation of a blog and other technical SEO fixes, I set right to work creating an infrastructure that could accept over 400 pages of customer support content for existing customers without breaking the user's experience. The result was an easily navigable, cross-department victory for content migration.

hmar full.PNG

Beyond the annual - fundraising and reporting for the future of an organization

The Hawaii Marine Animal Response needed an annual report that could help them fundraise beyond the limitations of a PDF - in building their report, I guided their fundraising strategy to provide the grounds for the next year of member support to achieve their goals.

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