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Merative, LLC

After its recent acquisition from IBM, Merative, LLC (formerly IBM Watson Health) was in need of an entirely new brand and digital presence, representing the portfolio of health technology applications that the new company was comprised of.

This new website would be built using Adobe Experience Manager, and would need to incorporate a truly massive library of existing digital infrastructure - however, everything needed to be as clean-cut and ready to deliver as the previous Watson Health material for clients.

Managing the transition between the former Adobe development support team and the incoming development vendor team, I built a plan to refresh Merative's digital presence and create the infrastructure its clients needed to succeed.

Who's on first?

merative homepage.PNG

From Product Lead to Scrum Master and everything in-between

The transition between development vendors with the conclusion of the website (at a much-accelerated pace!) meant the Adobe site pre my arrival was buggy and difficult to manage.


I took the lead in digital project management, creating scrum calendars and sprint expectations, leading the charge on a variety of new features across the site, and immersing myself in the database of content and support pages. By taking the lead, I helped to deliver a reliable schedule that merged the interests of design, security, legal, and product teams across the company in a sleek, efficient website.

A new digital library

Presentation and storage of 500+ documents for greater digital performanc

With years of support documentation, product documentation, transcribed webinars, and landing pages comes a massive list of valuable information.

Previously stored as non-optimized Drupal pages, I led the charge in creating a new digital library and method of presentation for PDFs and DAM asset docs. Starting with folder optimization and making strides across document tagging, UX optimization, and document localization, I overhauled the documentation backend to deliver to clients across the globe.

I then created a new UX design for PDFs meant to lead consumers to even more content that they care about, guiding users down the funnel and towards status as a SQL.

pdf page_edited.jpg

Gateway to getting help

merative support.PNG

The support library for Merative tools was massive, and translating those documents from Drupal to Adobe Experience Manager represented a major task for the new website.

Creating this meant building out a new library of assets for a fresh brand presence. One of many templates I created, the support page template was flexible and adaptable, built to be used by the small digital marketing team and the larger, less technically-adept support team.

Hub pages were also critical to help users navigate the vast depth of support documentation. Creating the design, UX, content optimization methods, and backend infrastructure, I delivered a new support experience under budget and under the deadline for Merative clients that refused to sacrifice ease of access for need of business.

The how and why of content categorization

As a company of 6 separate main product families (and many other products within them), Merative consisted of a library of content across a vast listing of topics and typologies.

To ensure SEO success and user experience across the newly built blog page, I guided the team in creating a taxonomy and tagging infrastructure that would remain flexible as product information expanded without being too broad to be reasonably used.

The blog page led to expanded traffic, and the taxonomy was expanded across the website to include product pages, support pages, PDF documentation, and even event landing pages! Since my departure, the taxonomy remains in use, destined to become the main skeleton of the internal search engine.

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