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Thrive Pet Healthcare

As the Online Marketing Manager for Thrive Pet Healthcare, I was in charge of building, directing, project managing, and guiding the future of the company's digital presence, as well as the online experience of each of the over 350 veterinary clinics.

Starting as two separate entities (Thrive Veterinary Care and Pathway Vet Alliance), Thrive Pet Healthcare was in need of a new digital experience to represent the veterinary industry's latest advancements.

To do so, I utilized the full expanse of my skills across SEO, keyword optimization, content strategy, website management, and a dash of creativity. After all, don't our pets deserve the best?


The big transition

Changing from a traditional to a headless CMS

As a result of the transition from two separate companies to one, it no longer made sense to use two separate websites! In the short time span of 4 months, I educated myself on a headless CMS (Contentful), guided developers as the product lead for the website, built out pages of content and digital taxonomy, and met with clinics to address their individual concerns. The result was an increase of 40% in digital traffic over the next three months!

An easier way to book

Across the network, clinics used a variety of tools - an inconsistent and entangled mesh of booking experiences that cost the business money and customers time.

I led a project to unify that booking experience, allowing for easier data synchronization and smoother UX in over 70% of the veterinary clinics before my departure!

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Ask A Vet

Your pet can't talk, but your veterinarian can. Easy questions comprised a majority of customer service concerns, eating up time and money across all clinics.

To resolve this issue, I created a chatbot that, using clinic approved questions, could answer the least pressing concerns or help funnel clients to the information they need. Expanding the program, chatbots were created with unique responses for up to 30 clinics before my departure, reducing those easy calls to preserve the sanity of front-desk representatives!

Why does my dog....

Our pets are mysterious, and any number of questions come up regarding their care.

After managing and leading the creation of a blog, it was necessary to synchronize content across the Thrive Pet Healthcare network and grow their digital presence. I created content and a calendar that used social media, email marketing, event marketing, and membership/loyalty marketing to grow the website's online presence.

The result was an increase in digital traffic of ~20% month over month, with content utilizing the expertise of veterinarians and staff to answer the most pressing questions for pet owners across the country.

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