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Policy Analysis

Policy and advocacy have remained bylines of much of my career. With the completion of my Master's degree in Global Studies and International Relations at Northeastern University, I have begun to return my attention to global advocacy and human rights. 

Additionally, my concentration in Diplomacy isn't just for show - I have actively participated in projects and efforts to improve my skills and hone my craft in strategic communication and negotiation. Policy analysis, research, and diplomacy remain cornerstones of my IR career.

Below, I cover just a few aspects of my political advocacy, fundraising, and major project efforts.

Diplomacy in action

Diplomacy lab as an analysis of current diplomatic events


In taking part in the Diplomacy Lab project (sponsored by the State Department) in my graduate coursework, I was given the opportunity to research and present findings on live Arctic policy for U.S. Embassy Helsinki.

The research ran across security, economic policy, and indigenous and youth rights and advocacy within the greater Arctic state network. Leading a team of fellow students, I was able to create conclusive study and research on coming Arctic challenges, providing recommendations and suggestions on the next steps for U.S. Arctic diplomacy.

Tracking the world's progress

The UN represents the closest the world can get to measuring global consensus on policy issues.

In taking part in the aptly named "Global Consensus Toolkit" project, I dove deep into database analysis and typography for measuring UN member state votes across a decade to analyze voting patterns, regional or issue loyalty, and voting habits based on issue type.


Organization building

amnesty logo.jpg

Throughout my undergraduate career, I was lucky and honored to be trusted with leading organizations that supported causes important to me.

As President of (at separate times and occasionally together) the World Politics Club, Human Rights Club, Amnesty International regional chapter, and the Millennial Vote Initiative, I supported the organization through fundraising efforts, meeting coordination, weekly topic research, and event marketing/coordination for conferences like SCUSA, SCONA, and the Model European Union conference.

Live practice, live product

As my last project at Northeastern University, I took part in the International Field Study Experience to put my skills to the test.

Thanks to COVID, the experience may not have been strictly international or in the field, but the proposal very much so was - policy research, suggestions, and recommendations for expanding agribusiness and biosensor/3D technology across the globe in specific participant states.

Working to research policy restraints, regulations, and restrictions, and providing marketing and PR recommendations in addition, I was able to support the client organization in preparing to expand across the globe, one state at at ime.

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